How do I soothe my stretch marks?

I have belly stretchmarks due to pregnancy... they ITCH and STING constantly... is there a way to soothe them... Cocoa butter, olive oil, traumeel, coconut oil, vinegar... NOT working... That is the end of my ideas... do you have any?...please... before I scratch and draw blood... 37 weeks.
I got a tip from one of the other pregnant ladies on here that said she put her stretch mark lotion in the fridge and it soothed her stretch marks and I tried it. I love it! i do it all the time now
Vitamin E. JASON makes a good product... Vitamin E Oil 5000. Its like a thick works like nothing else!! AND it is organic and cruelty free =]

i use the pregnancy great
aveeno products, my belly is itchy too if I dont keep it moisturized
Try buying Bio Oil it helps with scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections
You could try baby oil. It only works for a little while before it rubs off on your shirt but it work amazing! I was getting super super itchy and the same stinging thing and I tried baby oil it was magic! :)
Three layers make up the human skin: the epidermis, dermis, and then the subcutaneous stratum.. When the dermis tears, this is the beginning of the formation of stretch marks. And when they do occur, stretch marks itch and burn; sensations that are very irritating and not good for our skin..

It is because the dermis has not been hydrated enough that itching and burning might occur..More than that, the stretch marks indicate that the area of skin around the itching and burning is not moist enough. This is true because if your skin was hydrated enough then the dermis would not have torn and therefore no stretch marks may have appeared to begin with. This is the only connection that can be made when trying to find out why stretch marks itch and burn.

Now, How To Ease The Itching & Burning:
1/Moisturizers - People who do suffer from the itching and burning caused by skin that is not moisturized well, there are many cosmetic lotions and creams that can help the dryness.
2/Water Therapy - The root of all dry skin is unhealthy skin. You can address this issue by first making sure that you drink a lot of water (at least 8 glasses a day to be exact) and also by using products that are known to address these skin issues properly.

By the way, I heard cocoa butter gives beautiful skin.. and there is a product called bio-oil which helps make stretch marks & scars heal & disappear..
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